Chapter 1, Part 4 - "Prison Break"

Stokefoot recalls a secondary key to the keep in the Scarwater Armoury, and the party sneaks through the Barracks and breaks in. Here they find better equipment, and uncover a secret cache of explosives – large enough to destroy the gaol and rigged with a remote detonator – a Final Solution option of the High Bailiff. Stokefoot quickly disables the remote, and the party reroutes it to a different control signal. Using some of the explosives to blast a way back through to the prison blocks, the general population gleefully follow their lead in gathering weapons from the armoury. When the High Bailiff announces the immediate hanging of an outspoken prisoner, the war hero Cawdle Loamsley, the party leads the prisoners in foiling the execution. With Loamsley to unite the other prisoners, the party abandons its brief allegiance to Mother Toad and instead mounts an all-out assault on the warders, seizing the docks from them. As the prisoners escape from the island on a captured prison barge, they activate Stokefoot’s second control signal, and watch gleefully as Scarwater Gaol is consumed in a massive blast of flame and dust.

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