Interlude 1 - "Outrage on the River!"

Front page of The Clarion:

Outrage on the River as the King’s guards are most foully mishandl’d by riotous prisoners, and bloody mayhem done. As the historic ancient facility Scarwater Gaol is destroy’d, and its fell crop of murderers and degenerates escap’d who had been lawfully interr’d within, calls have been made to the Court for harsh’st possible penalties to the anarchists responsible, and to call the King back from his inspection of the colonies. The Red Chapel has pledg’d support to the Watch in apprehension of the criminals. The Court has appeal’d to public mind’d citizens to turn in any which are found, and stern reproof is offer’d to those which harbour them. In extremis, the Court declar’d Limit’d State of Emergency in the King’s absence, and bestow’d powers extraordinary to the appoint’d judiciary, preferring summary execution or colonial deportation for offenders in order to manage the flood of sin. In other news, an large and frantic flock of verminous urd has caus’d mischief and property damage about the riverside, and a bounty is declared on urd ears of thrippence a pair.

The Cormorant, posted in secret through lower quarters of Akrea:

Daring escape and resounding victory against the decadent nobility and the liberation of countless political prisoners. A warning to the Fighters: already the Cormorant has heard of increas’d Tower Guard activity, with a series of brutal raids on likely Havens for the Liberat’d carried out in cover of gloom, with many summ’ry arrests and other brutal Suppressions. As we have all seen the Corruption of the Church, Court and Ministry knows no limit and in their hunger for further power they have increas’d usual inducements for Informants. Ware, Brothers, of who you trust! Remember only by standing together as one in firm resolve can we achieve our Noble Goals. Dissolution of the Temple! Surrender of the monarchy! And the construction of a New Goverment under principles of Liberty and Equality.




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