Tag: Gods


  • Ioun

    Goddess of Prophecy and Tutelage, Ioun is the patron of [[Enderly]]. She represents a philosophy of personal growth through revelation, a difficult and risky path to power and self knowledge. Ioun's creed reflects many of her characteristics: it embraces …

  • Vecna

    Wounded god of secrets, forbidden and taboo knowledge. Vecna is a much maligned figure, especially in his ancient birthplace [[Enderly]], where his enemies amongst the [[Oras Ioun]] made his worship the target of a bloody purge. Some have suggested …

  • Erathis

    Goddess of Civilization, Inventions and Law, Erathis has been recognised as the patron of [[Akrea]] and her [[Temple of Erathis|Temple]] has guided the development of the nation since ancient times.