Chapter 1 Part 1

Punishment Detail

Session opens with the party having been dropped into the sluice pit beneath the exercise yard, with only a single torch thrown down to share between them. The sadistic Bailiff Knocke calls from above, explaining their punishment detail with an unpleasantly gleeful coyness: “Burn the Urd nests down there, and clear out the Urd. Until you gather proof in the form of Urd heads, you’re not coming back up.”

With little other option, the party begins to explore the foul old tunnels beneath the prison. As they gingerly step through the filth, they find stinking, slimy bones underfoot – including human bones. Mixed in with the bones are enough remnants of clothing and equipment that basic gear can be improvised – a dedicated search reveals even mangled guard’s uniform.

Clambering over a slippery rock-fall, they find a filth-ridden natural cavern, filled with the stink of guano. From ledges above, dozens of glinting red eyes peer down at them. The party is pelted with rocks and filth by the Urd from above, which prompts a nasty but short lived skirmish. With little warning, the Urd scatter and flee from the cavern.

After their brief respite Kiyo smells a sudden stink like rotting fish, and turns to see the hideous head of a goremule peering curiously through the entry to the cavern. She yells in alarm as the slimy creature ducks through the door and bounds towards them in a manner almost playful, but full of ferocious intent. A terrible fight takes place, but the party’s grim defense panics the beast and it attempts to retreat – only to be cut down at the brink of its escape.

Exhausted but victorious, the party rests.

Chapter 1 Part 1

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