The largest extant cult of the martyred god Vecna, after his worship was banned within Enderly, and brutal sanctions were enacted by the Oras Ioun against the various sects of his followers. The Custodes are currently most active in Akrea.

The Custodes is, after its near destruction at the hands of the Drela a near pathologically secretive organisation. Even within the cult, the numbers, names and faces of the members are often unknown, and the full extent of the cult’s influence is hidden.

Rumours abound that the Custodes condone the use of the rites of undeath, and to donate their bodies to the cult upon death, consigning themselves to a life as a mummified servant in one the cult’s many hidden libraries.

Recently, due to the rising tide of anti-Enderly feeling within Akrea, not to mention backlash against its rather shadowy operations, the Custodes have become more and more the target of suspicion due to its origins there, both officially and street-side.


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