Explorers have reported that in the final mile or two from the top of the rift the air becomes cold and strange and thin, and the light so bright it burns the skin. So far, none of the peoples of the Earthwound have found passage to the almost mythical Upper World. In the depths, however, the heat becomes unbearable and the air a choking haze of fumes. None have ventured beyond ten miles down into the abyss to plumb the terrible Deep World that lies beneath.


Bright World – Breathless scarp & sheer cliffs

Upper Strata – Snowy slopes in Wither or scorched badlands in Bloom. Thick forests and churning frigid seas fed by monumental Cascades. Middle Strata – Temperate, fertile and gentle progression of seasons. Flattest level, is crossed by countless rivers and dotted with lakes. Lower Strata – Heated constantly by vapours from below, and dimmer for being distant from the Veil. Black, steamy jungles & Twilight Desert. Crumbling edges and geothermal springs.

Deep World – Choking fumes and lightless rubble



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