• Human – A populous and inventive prime race with a strong grasp of organisation and industry. Before the Feybreak, they pioneered the study of mechanical artificing and many hold to it proudly as a hallmark of their culture.
  • Dwarf – Short, swarthy outdoorsman, more common in the upper strata. Widely thought practical and brave, but also clannish and ungenerous.
  • Elf – Slender, fast-talking people with arcane religious beliefs. Thought wild and outgoing, they are also considered fickle and untrustworthy.
  • Hobna – Robust, heavy-set goblinoids with light fur, fierce fanged faces and pointed lupine ears. Known as a proud and honourable people, and respected as indomitable warriors.
  • Gobna – Cunning, hairy little goblinoids with almost comically long noses and ears, and limbs too large for their slight, child-like bodies. Considered both devious and foolish, they are nonetheless ferociously curious explorers.
  • Bagna – Massive furred goblinoids with thick manes across their heavy shoulders. Neanderthal in aspect, the Bagna are immensely strong, but often portrayed as simple.
  • Orc – Tweaked to be brighter and more civilised, they are strong but secretive miners, who rarely travel without eye protection.
  • Tiefling – Horned and hooved people with ancestral roots in the hellish burning world below the lower strata. Most are of the Karaash tribes, but some strike out on their own where they are known as fiercely independent, capable warriors, with hair-trigger tempers.
  • Eladrin – Elflike, the eladrin have held to their fey nature better than most and are effortlessly accomplished with arcane magics.
  • Halflings – NB: these are not hobbits or ewoks. They’re feral pygmies with a prediliction for poisons.
  • Dragonborn – Powerful lizardmen with poison breath. It’s thought they were from the feywild originally, but came through to the prime even before the Feybreak. They were, nonetheless, quite surprised when the dragons of their folklore – their mythical ancestors – suddenly reappeared.
  • Genasi – Half-elemental, half-human. Essentially a separate race for each of the 4 D&D elements: Glassblood earth genasi, Whistlevein air genasi, Rippleflesh water, and Brightspit fire.
  • Shifter – Partly animalistic humans, who mainly stick to their own communities.
  • Doppelganger – The hated All-Shifters, whose relaxed features warp and wriggle constantly. Natural able to hide themselves with chameleonic skin, some can reach near perfect invisibility and have the uncanny ability to mimic other individuals.
  • Warforged – Clockwork men with personality problems.


  • Urd – Winged little monkey-like creatures. They are just intelligent enough to use simple language, but are extremely primitive, though they can be a genuine menace if their numbers become too great. Nest burning is a common method of controlling their numbers.


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