An exiled Warden of the Clan of the Black Ram in the remote highlands of Dornland.


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Raised on the hero stories of his clan’s mighty warriors, the Stonefist Wardens, Carrag knew he would be a part of their legend from the moment he could speak. Little did he know he would be part of its closing chapter.

In a clan where each father brought his son into the fold, a fatherless child like Carrag would never had a chance to sit at the warriors table. Unlike the other unfortunates in similar circumstances, Carrag decided he would undergo the dangerous trial without permission, supervision or support and, while he triumphed in his initiation and was accepted by the spirits, his actions brought destruction to a sacred clan totem – required in the rites of initiation into the ranks of the Stonefist.

In his act of defiance, Carrag became the last of the Stonefist Wardens.

Cast out of his Clan for his crime, Carrag wandered the world, travelling first through Dornland before following the trade routes down to the wide pasturelands of Falxany in the middle strata. Eventually his curiosity brings him to Akrea, and he joins the endless ranks of the lost in the mighty city.


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